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Dave Eckhart Ultra Mini Headie with Mega Marble 3″

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Another Dave Eckhart masterpiece; this Ultra Mini Headie with Mega Marble is amazing. The star of this piece is the mega-sized Vortex marble. Stunning color and design that fits in your pocket! Yellow, blues and greens swirl inside of this almost 2″ vortex.

Dave Eckhart Ultra Mini Headie with Mega Marble 3″

Dave Eckhart is back at it with another stunning mini headie for us. This one is set in a base glass of royal blue.  Also with some reds and purple hues throughout. The small stature of this headie is not the only awesome trait on display here.

Because the almost 2″ in diameter vortex marble will have you staring down the rabbit hole time and time again. The vortex is set in teal, yellows and blue hues that make for a very cool looking pastel feel. The massive size of the marble makes for the perfect resting place in hand and the choke is perfectly placed at the front for your index finger.

Don’t miss your chance to be mesmerized on the regular by this amazing Dave Eckhart one of kind pocket-sized piece.

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