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Fish Bubbler By Dave Eckhart 6.5″

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Another Dave Eckhart masterpiece; this multi-chambered Fish Bubbler is another true work of art. The base glass color is a light yellow with orange and blue swirls. With the bubbler chamber included we are looking at a 5 chamber cycle before inhaling smoke. Check out the stunning work at 420spot!

Fish Bubbler By Dave Eckhart 6.5″

Mr. Eckhart is at it again with this Fish Bubbler masterpiece. This 6.5″ Fish Bubbler feels a lot bigger in the hand than it sounds. The extra chamber on this piece makes it even more unique. The shimmering ribbon along the side looks amazing and truly spectacular lending to a theme of water.

This Fish Bubbler has an amply-sized bowl with a hearty construction and perfect sitting placement. This all leads to the star of the attraction, the cute googly-eyed fish. Not only does the mouth act as the bubblers choke, but it also acts as a finger rest while using the apparatus. Not only is this beautiful, but it’s also totally functional.

Keep in mind that is you are a smoker who has a hard time with harsh pipes or bongs..this unit is for you. Not only is the bubbler action cooling the smoke you inhale, but the real estate that the smoke travels from the element through five total chambers will make this the smoothest glass smoking experience you’ll ever have.

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