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3pc Glass Pipe Set By Craig Hammond

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Craig Hammond storms out with this incredible 3pc Glass Pipe set. The vibrant colors, swirls, one of the best-looking snakes I’ve ever seen in the industry, bubbler, pipe, and matching storage jar ALL AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE! Check out the stunning work at 420spot!

3pc Glass Pipe Set By Craig Hammond

Really the pictures of this 3pc Glass Pipe Set By Craig Hammond speak the true words. Because Craig Hammon burst out of the gates with us here at 420spot with this breathtaking 3 piece, a one-of-a-kind glass set that would make the most seasoned glass veteran swoon. Let’s break it down by item.

Dry Pipe with Sidecar and Infinity Vortex Marble 6″

This behemoth in hand is also a thing of beauty. The sidecar design keeps the heat of your element away from your mouth making for a cooler, smooth set of pulls. Also, the piece is set in dark blue glass with striking green, blue and yellow swirls throughout. The infinity/vortex marble is done up as I have never seen. Because Inside the marble green sections are crumbling into a never-ending pit while on top we have a blue floral weave pattern. Amazing. I had mentioned before the snake on the side. It’s clear glass (which is a great contrast for this piece) and swirled within is a blue band highlighted in shimmering gold.

Upright Bubbler  8″

The next item is this stunning 8″ bubbler. The upright design makes it very comfortable to hold in the hand. The construction is impeccable and she sports an ample-sized bowl. There is a very unique striping pattern at the mouthpiece followed by a very unique starburst marble. Check out how captivating it is from the pictures! This is the perfect bubble for regular daily use.

Matching Jar with Cork Lid 3.5″

This jar is the perfect addition to the Craig Hammond Shockwave Set. Also, the dark blue glass sports the same swirling pattern of yellows and greens as the rest of the set. And it’s all topped off by this charming cork cap that also completes the look. Not to mention being very functional for sealing up your favorite buds before you’re faced with your hardest choice…which one to smoke out of?!

Craig Hammond’s 3pc Glass Pipe Set is being offered at a sale set price of ONLY $1500.00. The individual prices for these items are listed:

Dry Pipe with Sidecar and Infinity Vortex Marble 6″ – $879

Upright Bubbler 8″ – $600.00

Matching Jar with Cork Lid 3.5″ – $199.00

(not sold separately)



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