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Mushroom Sidecar Pipe By Dave Eckhart5.5″

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Another Dave Eckhart masterpiece; this 5.5″ Mushroom Sidecar Pipe is once again raising the bar. This sizeable sidecar design is impressive from start to finish. From the solid craftsmanship, purple and clear glass blended together or the yellow swirls and spiraled snake for a thumb grip.

Mushroom Sidecar Pipe By Dave Eckhart 5.5″

Mushroom Sidecar Pipe. This classic mushroom sidecar design has its game elevated as Dave Eckhart puts his spin on this design. This piece feels big in hand regardless of the 5.5″ stature, and the symmetrical design lends to this. We can see Mr. Eckhart brought his A-game again, starting with the construction. The unit sits perfectly on a flat surface with no rock, and the glass feels sizeable and thinks in hand.

In the light, you can see that the sidecar mushroom is based on purple glass, which blends into clear glass throughout the structure. The swirls are gold, pink, and beige, making an earthy tone to the piece. The top of the sidecar is swirled in a pinkish purple with “toadstool” spots strewn over it. The bowl is average size and not too deep, with perfect choke and snake thumb rest adaptations.

Dave Eckhart’s Mushroom Sidecar Pipe would make a great smoking apparatus for any smoker. Old-school connoisseurs will surely comment on the classic design with such an artistic twist.

…..With Dave Eckhart, you can rest assured that you’re getting nothing but quality glass.

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