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Dave Eckhart Multi-Chamber Pipe with Galaxy Marble 6.5″

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With this amazing pipe, you hold the galaxy in your hand. Your friends will be dazzled by this Multi-Chamber Pipe with 3D glass effect. Unique and one of a kind made by the famous Dave Eckhart.

Dave Eckhart Multi-Chamber Pipe with Galaxy Marble


Master glassblower Dave Eckhart has really outdone himself once again here. This Multi-Chamber Pipe with custom galaxy marble is a perfect representation of Eckhart’s attention to detail. If you take the time to look up any of his other works you will quickly notice that his niche style pertains to complex intricate weaving.  His layout of colors and assets within each and every piece is mind-blowing.

This triple chambered design creates a smooth smoking experience where the heat from your source has time to dissipate as it passes through each chamber. The combination of blues and off whites is stunning and very unique. The swirling blue and white spirals are visually striking. Also, the bowl is an ample size so you won’t need to repack it after a couple pulls and like all of our custom glass, it fits perfectly in the grip of your hand with your thumb perfectly placed on the choke.

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  1. 4:20 Spot

    Have you ever heard of the artist that blew this peace? He has pieces in the Corning museum of glass. Might wanna google some of his other works before you make a statement like that.

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