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Purple Power Glass Cleaner

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When you really need some good old ALL NATURAL cleaning power for those tough jobs, Purple Power is on the case. This powerful 8oz is made to tackle the worst bowls and pipes and bring them back to life. The process of fill and shake could not be any easier.


Purple Power Glass Cleaner

 Purple Power line has been nothing short of spectacular since its inception. This next item is just another one of the greats: Purple Power instant formula glass Cleaner is an ALL NATURAL product that keeps with the Purple Earth Friendly mantra.

Fill your favorite piece of glass with the solution. Do NOT add water. After the allotted time (check the progress), you can remove your work and rinse it with HOT water. Voila, good as new with no aftertaste or smell to impede your future smoking experiences. All around, this product is a win-win. Make your life easier and get some Purple instant glass cleaner for those tough-to-clean bowls and pipes.

You can rest assured that 4:20 Spot is here to help with your 4:20 needs.


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Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 5 cm

8oz Purple Power Glass Cleaner, 16oz Purple Power Glass Cleaner

1 review for Purple Power Glass Cleaner

  1. tylermacneill (verified owner)

    Works amazing! Let it soak for 3-5 minutes and it will have your glass like new! Did not disappoint!
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