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Moon Rockets


Fukushima Moon Rockets are finally here! Each comes packed with a gram (or 2 grams if you opt for the FATMAN) of 4-star buds, a top quality terp sauce rolled right in and covered in 4-star kief. I know right! TGTBT. The strains on the terp sauces, flowers and kiefs vary from rocket to rocket. We have many Indicas and Sativas for you to enjoy. The high from each of these types is amazing. Both are fast acting and live up to their reputations of the best of the best strains. You will not be disappointed.


Fukushima Moon Rockets

Fukushima Moon Rockets. You will love Moon Rockets. A real rare treat.  Each comes available in Indica or Sativa variations.  And the pre-rolls are packed with premium flower,  rolled in the terpenes and distillate. Also coated in trichomes sifted from a third strain.

Also available, 2g Fatman pre-rolls for those psychonauts aiming a bit further than the Moon.

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Fukushima Moon Rockets








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Dimensions 12.06 × 10.16 × 2.54 cm

Fukushima Indica (1g), Fukushima Sativa (1g), Fatman Indica (2g), Fatman Sativa (2g)


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