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SeC BC Pineapples 2 x 50 mg THC


SeC BC Pineapples.  Just one bite of these fruity delights blends the tropical taste of pineapple with an island vibe. Sweet and satisfying, these mellow yellow gummies will first-class trip aboard the Pineapple Express.

SeC BC Pineapples 2 x 50 mg THC

The delicious SeC BC Pineapples 2 x 50 mg THC gummies are some of the best cannabis-based edibles you will eat this year. Our online dispensary collaborates with the manufacturer SeC which uses only organic and natural ingredients for its products.

Suppose you want to buy BC Pineapples online and don’t know where MMJDirect will give you a hand. Despite the many edible suppliers, SeC (Solve et Coagula – Latin for dissolve and coagulate) appears to be one of the most well-established and quality-oriented.

These cannabis-infused BC Pineapples are everything you need on a Saturday evening when you want to destress and feel suitable for a few hours. The pineapple-shaped gummies will keep you company for quite some time, and the THC hidden within will surely make you feel great!

How potent are these gummies?

If you mail-order BC Pineapples from our site, you need to know what you’re buying. Each gummy contains no less than 50mg of pure-grade THC, which is a lot by many standards. Eat one of these gummies, and you might plunge into a potent high that won’t leave you until a few hours pass.

The THC extracts contained within these gummies are organic and highly high-grade, which makes the edible a very potent one. To buy BC Pineapples online in Canada, you must trust MMJDirect and make your purchase! We’ll deliver the package straight to your door!

They’re every bit as strong as you need them to be. If one gummy is too little for you, you can increase the dosage next time. In any case, these gummies look just like your average snacks, so no one will figure out you’re consuming cannabis.

2 x 50mg THC



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