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Orange Chronic Cleaner


Orange Chronic Cleaner is the best on the market for cleaning all of your rigs, bongs and pipes. We wouldn’t recommend any other line to clean those glass beauties that bring us so much joy. Try is today! You won’t be disappointed.


Orange Chronic Cleaner

No one likes a dirty pipe or bong. Never fear we have just what the doctor ordered. Orange Chronic Cleaner is the most sought after product on the market for everyones cleaning needs. The process is effortless taking about one minute to clean any apparatus. Just pour the cleaner into your piece and let it soak for a few minutes (longer for more intense situations) then swish the liquid around until the grime dissipates. For even better results accompany this swishing with a brush or pipe cleaner.

You can rest assured that is here to help with all of your 420 needs.

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