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Dave Eckhart Multichamber Triple Marble Bubbler 6″

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This multi-chambered TRIPLE MARBLE bubbler is one of Dave Eckhart’s best in our collection. From the striking swirled colors, 3d design, triple marbles (including a huge 2″ landscape marble) to the rugged design and upright resting position; this one of a kind piece is a winner. Read more about it below.

Dave Eckhart Multichamber Triple Marble Bubbler 6″

As far as unique bubblers go this one is really topping the charts. This five chambered bubbler has it all, including 3 separate uniquely designed marbles. One of the most appealing visuals off the bat is the fashion in which the piece stands up. Most multi-chambered pipes and bubblers sit flat or on their side. This piece sits in a unique upright position which displays the amazing colors, marbles and overall design. the bowl is average size, but that’s the only average thing about this bubbler.

Let’s start with the glass. The base glass is thick and colorless, however, it is inlaid with an amazing striking pattern of colored swirls. green, yellow, red, orange, blue and white make up these swirls that cover the entire body of this behemoth of a bubbler. The marbles make this bubbler quite heavy, yet this adds to the overall strength in the structure of the design.


The first and smallest marble is situated beside the bowl and is set in a 3d flower/plant design. The marble itself is clear with a white base with the letters TUBBYS GLASS in a 3d style adding the signature to the one of a kind piece. The second marble is on the other side of the bowl and is larger in size. It contains a starfield marble, reflecting all light with its golden flecks replicating an infinitely starry night. The last marble is huge. Matching the largest we have ever seen on a bubbler of this type. Not only is this 2″ marble a Starfield marble, but it has a snowy landscape that spirals into a vortex. The illusion is of a snowy mountain range with the stars above. Wow.

The combination of all of these amazing features makes for one of the best bubblers we have ever seen. this would definitely be a showcase in anyone’s home. All while remaining totally functional as a solid bubbler. This is surely one of Mr. Eckhart’s best pieces. This is your chance to grab this one right here today at

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