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Dave Eckhart Dual Marble Multi Chambered Pipe 6″

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This 6″ Dual Marble Multi Chambered Pipe is breathtaking. One huge galaxy marble and one huge infinity marble is just the start! Vibrant Red, Orange, teal and blues are strewn throughout the glass. The construction is absolutely top-notch. The girth and weight alone speak volumes to the quality and craftsmanship. Check it out at 420spot!

Dave Eckhart Dual Marble Multi Chambered Pipe 6″


Dave Eckhart’s Dual Marble Multi Chambered Pipe is one of our nicest. This 300g unit has everything you could want and more from a high end piece of glassware. The craftmanship on this is absolutley amazing.  throughout the glass we have teal, blue, red and orange colors with nice blue variations on the glass as well. The bowl is a bit larger than a regular medium bowl. you shoul be able to pack as much as you need in there for a proper session.

The star of this attraction is surely the 2 huge marbles built into its framework. Each is about 1.5″ in diamater however it’s what’s inside them that speaks to the true nature of thier size. The first forward-facing marble is a deep rich blue galaxy marble. The reddish and gold flecks are a dead match to an infinite starry night sky. The other marble is even more mindblowing. Its rear facing and it’s called an Infinity marble. Peering inside you can see a 3d swirl rich in hues of orange, blue, teal and red which looks like it goes deep beyond the 1.5″ ball. To the naked eye, the illusio9n looks like the swirl goes a foot deep. It is really a sight to see.

…..With Dave Eckhart, you can rest assured that you’re getting nothing but quality glass. This one is one of our best.

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