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Brian Ratcliffe Pearlescent Doubler 10″

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Brian Ratcliffe comes through with this stunning colour-changing Pearlescent Doubler. The colour-changing glass will have you and yours amazed. From the craftsmanship layout and design, this doubler is the essence of a classic headie. This is a classy way to see the inner workings of the perfect doubler made by one of Canada’s best.

Brian Ratcliffe Pearlescent Doubler 10″

Where do we start with this magnificent work of art? Brian Ratcliffe presents this 10″ behemoth of beauty. Also he dubs this his Pearlescent. The design is sturdy and sits perfectly on a flat surface.

This one of a kind design will never be seen anywhere else…this one, in particular, may never be seen the same twice. Also this beautifully crafted doubler is set in pearlescent glass. And to the naked eye, this glass changes color under different light just like pearlescent paint does on a car. Because the yellow carb lends to the different colors that the glass tends to fade between.

Right now as this write-up is being written, the stem looks yellow as opposed to the flash reaction of blueish green in the pictures. It’s truly amazing.

Get your one of a kind piece of functioning art today! The Brian Ratcliffe Pearlescent Doubler!

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