420spot THC Distillate

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1 gram 420Spot THC Distillate. 420spot.org THC Distillates are of the highest of quality. A clean and clear concentrate product with up to 99% activated THC. Let your pains just melt away 🙂

1 gram THC Distillate



Welcome to one of the newest production trends in concentrates. But be wary, with a potency of nearly 99%, Marijuana distillate is not for the new and inexperienced. Generally speaking, Marijuana concentrates isolate or separate cannabinoids like THC and CBD to create a pure and refined final product that goes above and beyond an average flower with 15-25% THC content. More recently, there’s been a surge in distillate—a clean and clear concentrate product with up to 99% activated THC.

The THC distillate produced is both odourless and flavourless making this product easy  consumed discretely.  As a result, the distillate can be used for edibles, E-cig, vape or even topical applications.  Also, THC Distillate only requires a drop or two under the tongue for its effects to be felt.

Distillates effects are felt almost immediately.  In the preparation process, the  THC already activated and its high potency brings extremely quick results to patients requiring heavy duty medication, like spinal injury, Crohn’s and cancer.


When it comes to other forms of consumption, dabs are one of the most popular methods.  Dabbing is essentially vaporizing the THC on a hot surface, by using a dab of THC distillate.  As a benefit, this is a great way to consume Marijuana without needlessly wasting end product. For those who love smoking weed, just spread a little bit of distillate on your rolling paper and then roll a joint using regular marijuana. This will allow for you to use much less flower, yet still, have all the great medicinal effects from your Marijuana. As a result, the addition of adding the oil to your joint will improve the potency and quality of the burn and smoke.  Like icing on your cake.

420spot.org THC Distillates are of the highest of quality. Enjoy 420spot fam, let your pains just melt away 🙂

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7 reviews for 420spot THC Distillate

  1. impresionest08 (verified owner)

    No smell, taste is mild, but works wonderfully. Well worth the price.

  2. jason.james.dixon (verified owner)

    Works above expectation for me ,quality and flavour 35$ is a great deal.

  3. Mickelly Carlone (verified owner)

    Very potent and doesn’t smell much! Tip…. if it’s hard to get out of syringe, heat the syringe up a ting bit with your lighter! 😉

  4. Ben Innes (verified owner)

    Great Stuff just a little hard to get out of the syringe but if you have a hot cup of coffee or water to heat it up it’s easier to get out and use whatever way you choose.

  5. Chris Swain (verified owner)

    Another great value offered from the good 420 . At $35 a g. instead of a $60-$65 pre-filled cart. Just fill old empty cartridges yourself. It’s a little tedious but well worth it. The distillate that 420 is offering up is top-shelf ( I’ve used many as you can tell from the empty cartridges ) . You won’t be disappointed with this purchase and if you don’t have a battery & empty carts there are plenty of other ways to consume it.

  6. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Product itself is fantastic! Very smooth, and very potent. However, my only complaint comes from the syringe it comes in. It is extremely difficult to get out. My syringe plunger broke and i still have a 1/2 gram with no easy way to get out. Anyways stuff is great, just watch out for the syringe.

  7. Julie Clark (verified owner)

    Love it.. And no smell to it what so ever

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