420 Skins 1 1/4 Hemp Rolling Papers

420 Skins 1 1/4 Hemp Rolling Papers have arrived. All-natural, unrefined pure hemp is all that goes into each and every leaf. Complete your 420spot smoking experience with our custom skins. The highest quality at the best prices always right here at 420spot.org.

420 Skins 1 1/4 Hemp Rolling Papers

We are proud to announce that after much work behind the scenes, that 420 Skins have finally arrived. This is your chance to get your own pack of original 420 Spot  papers of the highest quality.

These unbleached and unrefined papers mean that you’re smoking only natural products. From the raw paper to the all-natural gum used for glue, your experience will be pure from start to finish.

420 Skins are the ever-popular 1 1/4 size.  It will be a smooth transition from your regular papers to your new favourites. Our unique paper dimensions make the rolling experience a joy and ease. You can always count on an even, clean burn with no canoes or aftertaste. Thus leaving you to enjoy the product you just rolled up and nothing more.

Get them here exclusively at http://420spot.org and http://420spot.ca


Additional information

Weight 0.00425 kg
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 0.50 cm


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